Real Estate Education from Doug Hopkins Program

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I am spanking brand new to real estate investing.  I am being pitched an educational opportunity with the Doug Hopkins group for about $10K with no money back guarantee. I have read several comments most of which have not been positive about working with this group. They basically are going to set you up with a real estate coach/mentor, provide access to a REIPro website, and give you feedback when you have questions. Their real value as I see it is their likely buyers list, funding sources, and networking capabilities. As a new RI is that worth $10K. Can those types of resources be found through my local real estate investors association.  I am really torn as to if this is worth it or not. Any help anyone has to offer that has experience with this question I would appreciate.

No save your money!  Spend time reading forums and free education here in bigger pockets and you will likely find better info and tools than they will provide.