Kansas City Investors

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I’m currently a student and am very interested in real estate investing. I think now I want to start a business and grow my properties. I am getting confused on the path people can take to build their deals over time So, I am wanting to know if there is anyone in the Kansas City area that is an investor and owns their own business. Whether that business is wholesaling, property management, etc. I just want to hear your story and any advice you may have for me! Thanks

Hey, @Ross Hewitt , I'd be happy to talk shop with you sometime.  I'm a KC native investor, real estate broker and I help run a couple companies that handle contracting and property management here in town.  We're not that big yet and we manage about 40 - 50 units and we've done around 12 contracting jobs this year.  I have just 3 single-family home investment properties ( always looking for more) and I like brokering deals and helping investors find what they need and accompish what they're wanting to do.  You can message me anytime and I'll get back to you.  :)

@Ross Hewitt I do own my company Bridge here in KC ... we do a lot of the things you are talking about. I encourage you to really dig into what you are excited about, and start with that. Once you start to have the excitement around something you will go down the path of questions as you explore and learn. Don't chase 10 different ways or ideas, chase and obsess on ONE until you have it clear and running it (or you don't like it, and you moved on).

Good luck sir.