What to do with equity in San Diego, California

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Hey Guys! I have a rental condo in Little Italy in San Diego that breaks even monthly with $200k equity in it. I’m trying to figure out the best strategy and would love some advice. I am a gymnastics coach running my own business. I love it but since I’m self employed I’m exchanging time for money and I have no security as far as retirement besides my IRA. My ultimate goal is to acquire enough real estate with buy and hold rentals that my passive income meets/exceeds 10k a month. Should I: 1. Wait and Pay it off (pay off in 2048) and collect $2600 rental cash flow forevaaaa 2. Sell and invest in multi-family out of state. (I am super weary of investing out of state bc traveling would be difficult since I’m self employed right now and if I’m not working I’m losing money plus I would prefer to keep my money where I can see it lol) 3. Sell now while the market is high and pay taxes on the gains and wait for the SD market to drop so I’m not buying at the top of the market. 4. Or ????


I bought a tri-plex in North Park, San Diego 25 years ago. The rent when I bought the property was $300 each for the two bedroom units or $900 a month with a mortgage payment of $900 a month. Now I get $1600 a month for each unit or $4800 a month. So if you keep the unit and pay it off you will get a lot more then your think 20 years from now. 

Thank you


Historically San Diego RE investing has produced outstanding ROI. The RE market appreciation is likely how you obtained much of that equity. It would take years of Midwest cash flow to equal the profits from the last 5 years of market appreciation.

Trying to time the market is difficult and risky.  It is like trying to time the stock market.  Statistics show more people do it poorly than coreect.  

Historically the best return would be achieved by keeping the property.  No one knows what will provide the best return in the future. 

Good luck.