TAX DELINQUENT LIST-Very Hard to come across

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Hello I am a Newbie wholesaler and i decided to focus my attention on tax delinquent properties , just because of the motivation to sell. Im from Boston so Going to the City assessors office at the city hall building  i thought was going to be a piece of cake. But soon came to realize that either they didnt know what i was talking about or they was sending me to different departments. long story short i never got the tax roll. anyway i can get this list??? seems like a long shot? is there a paid service i can use to get this data from

Hey @Robert Blocker - this could be way off, but have you inquired in the district court?  The DC is where pre-foreclosure info can be found in Essex County at least, so perhaps tax delinquent information can be found there too.

Just a thought/bump for this question.