How to invest in real estate with no money?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I know the title of this post may sound very vague and unprofessional. And I am not a free rider. But I rather be honest and tell you the truth about my situation than waste your time.

I am actively learning about real-estate and real-estate investing. But I have one major obstacle which prevents me from starting my real-estate adventure. MONEY. I have zero cash and I am also in debt with student loans.

I live in Denver, Colorado and unfortunately the real estate prices has gone up and tripled over the last year, here due to other reasons. 

Is there any suggestions as far as where do I start or what resources might be useful to me? I would greatly appreciate your input on this as I am almost getting disappointed and giving up. I have done my studies in real estate but I feel like without the money, I can't really do anything. Thanks.


Ramin Kamal

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@Ramin R kamal

Do you have a job?

Yes I do but I am not making much. It's only $1600 a month. I know I am totally out of options here but I am actively looking for another/second job and I have computer skills that could help me to do side jobs but unfortunately, I haven't had many lucks. I have been on sites like,, just so that I could set aside a little cash to give me a jump start for real estate. But again unfortunately no very lucky so far.

@Ramin R kamal

Please verify your take-home pay is $1600/month.

1. What is your rent and what are your living arrangements?
2. What do you drive and how much money do you owe on any vehicles you own?
3. Are you married?
4. What are the amounts and repayment rates of your student loans?
5. What other debt do you have?
6. How far away from your job do you live?

If you feel uncomfortable disclosing all this information in public, send me a message.