Unintentional BRRRR. Need advice on the REPEAT stage

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First property I bought was an undervalued house hack double. Purchased for 70k with an 80 conventional loan. ARV 160k I then took an 80k HELOC. Next I bought a single fam to move into using another conventional mortgage with 20% down coming from the HELOC. After all this I then discovered the BRRRR strategy. I thought that was kind of coincidental how I kind of followed the strategy without intention. Anyways, what I'm wondering is how do I repeat this process? Rehab the single family and do a cash out refi and pay back the 20% I borrowed from the other HELOC? Essentially it seems as though I would keep using a HELOC for down payments until I build up enough cash flow to buy fully in cash.

Yes - you have to find a way to improve the value of the SFR enough to cash out more than you owe on the HELOC. You don't necessarily need to use a HELOC for the next acquisition (though you can, if you have enough equity to do that). The important part is forcing enough appreciation with the rehab to cover your lending cost.