Starting out with my first deal

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Hello, my name is jacoba I am farley new to BP and extremely new to REI! I'm currently in RE school. Right now i just started managing my first SFH but.. I really need help!! can anyone tell me what is the best PM software for small business? Also, I'm gearing up to move forward with my first flip I have a private investor I've done tons of research (Big BP fan) Ive analyzed deals (only on BP) after deals, i just don't know exactly were to start? should i obtain a CPA and a lawyer before purchasing my first deal? Help!!

@Jacoba Austin The best option would be to find a realtor in an area you are interested in purchasing. Look at some deals that have been sitting on the market for awhile since they are more willing to negotiate. You could also target some offmarket deals, but they take a bit longer to find. Talk to a lender and get pre-approved for a loan if you don't have enough cash to make the purchase outright. Good Luck