Brand new to this field. Stragety suggestions?

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My name is Hillary Fox.

I work a 8-4 job as a nurse manager. I dream of becoming a real estate investor and am partnering with a friend with the goal of having our first property in 2019.

My question is what type of investment strategy works best for someone who is brand new and working full time? We plan to manage our first few properties by ourselves. Is buying a single family home best or multi family home? We may flip houses in the future, but not currently.

I appreciate any advice. Thank you!

@Hillary Fox It really depends on the deal and what you’re looking for. Small multi families are nice because if one tenant moves out you still have rent coming in. SFR are nice because they’re a little more liquid. I’d also recommend at least interviewing property managers as well. You can absolutely work full time and manage your properties but with this being new it’s always nice to have a backup plan just in case your situation changes and you don’t have as much free time as originally planned. Hope this helps, good luck! - Mike