Probate Timeline in Georgia

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Anyone know about how long the probate process takes in Georgia? I’ve been visiting different probate offices on a weekly basis and I write a letter ASAP. Just wondering if this is a good practice or if I should wait a few weeks.

The sooner you send your introduction letter the better. The timeline varies on when probate cases settle from state to state.

In CA the probate timeline is usually 8-12 months but depending on the complexity of the probate, it could be longer..

Send your letter every 30-45 days until you get a response.

Have your letter worded with sympathy and understanding. 

It's a trying time for all those involved during the process.

Good luck....

 Thanks for advice Mark! I setup a system where I now mail all of my leads every thirty days. I'm on my second month and I've almost closed one deal and I've received 3 other calls from sellers.