After the UBG, what would you recommend reading next?

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I have read the Ultimate Beginner's Guide a few times now. Obviously, this site has tons of articles, blogs, podcasts, and other information. If I am looking to buy and hold SFRs and/or multiplexes as a complete beginner, what are the next best books or articles to continue learning?

I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

Updated over 2 years ago

Let me clarify: I have read and listened to a ton of stuff, I didn't mean I only read the UBG. I meant to ask, what next should I focus on the most?

@Jared G. Millionaire real estate investor, crushing it in commercial real estate, the one thing. Take your time, don’t rush into bad deals. The podcasts are invaluable. Lthere is something to be said for experience. If you can get into a deal without too much invested I would do that.

@Jared G. I agree with @Account Closed , educate yourself first and network with others prior to jumping into a deal. As far as the MFH books, I recommend the book by Steve Berges on buying apartment complexes and by David Lindahl on emerging markets. 

Also, add to your podcast list other podcasts in addition to BP, the ones by:

1) Jake and Gino

2) Rod Khleif

3) Michael Blank

4) Joe Fearless

5) RE Guys

Good luck!