Can you overcome "I'm not interested in selling" cold calling?

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Hey everyone! Is there any way you can overcome a lead saying "I'm not interested in selling" when cold calling? Or should I just take that as an unmotivated person and move on?

if you ever find a way to convince anyone to always sell their home to you for the price you want to buy at, please let me know 

You're right. They aren't motivated. It's a numbers game. Call 100, 10 say maybe, negotiate with 3, get 1 deal. You can hire someone to call  100.

@Kadeem Swenson you could always ask them why aren’t you interested in selling, never hurts to ask and if they trust/ like your demeanor maybe they’ll open a bit and say “well we actually may be thinking about selling next year” sales is all about asking the right questions and listening. Sellers will tell the best negotiators everything they need to know without opening their mouths.

@Kadeem Swenson Can you elaborate on how the conversation typically goes for you before you get to the "I am not interested in selling?"

If the seller truly isn't motivated for whatever reason then you can note that and either nurture that lead or unqualify it.  However you may be able to change the way you open the call or like Ken said, the Q's you ask in order to uncover the lack of motivation.  In general, being able to relate to the prospect and let them know that you've worked with others in similar situations and articulate how you are able to solve their problems/provide value may get you beyond the "not interested" if there's any potential.

Let us know how it goes!

@Kadeem Swenson . I am not interested is the automatic response to everything. Doesn't matter what you're selling, if it's over the phone no one is interested. I would look at different methods. But if you insist, ask people on a scale of 1 to 10 how interested they might be in selling their house. Guaranteed you'll get more interesting answers at a minimum and it should lead to a conversation. Never ask a yes or no question unless you already know the answer :)

Hi Kadeem,

I think it would be beneficial to ask why the owner is not interested in selling. Additionally, you should follow up with them in an email giving your contact information so that if they change their mind, they can get back to you. It is really important to follow up to increase your chances, but it's a numbers game.