Getting started on my REI Path

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Hi everyone! I'm new here to biggerpockets and am loving soaking in all the content available on the site. I'm just beginning my journey in REI after reading the Ultimate Guide and was wondering what's the best way to get started My family and I live in the Bay Area. Wife and I work full time (mostly from home) and the kids are toddler age. At this point I'd start part time REI and was originally considering wholesaling/ assigning as a low barrier entry point to build the business. Researching more, that may mean studying to get licensed which I'm up for and looking into. While I consider that option I wonder if there are opportunities I could investigate that would give me a quick start? Given the market here in the Bay Area, straight out buying homes or having a substantial downpayment would be difficult as well-at least in our situation. How did you get started? What's a good path to start walking as I build my REI knowledge and business?


I am available to work with others on JV deals. I have found some high market East Bay properties no one is making an offer on listed on MLS. Little by Little the price is being reduced on them.

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