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I was looking for a Template of a line budget to supply to contractors.  Does anyone know if it is in the Fireplace, or does anyone have one they could share. I know I need to get solid idea of material cost, and this is the most consistent recommendation I've heard. 

@Derrick Gordon Just sent you my spreadsheet I use for estimating costs and selection of strategy for the property in question. I think you could use the second tab to set out a bid form for your GCs. I will tell you, most GCs will bid using their own format and won't want to conform to what you have, especially the big ones. I only know this because I had tried it a few years back when I was just starting out flipping.

Hope this helps.

Would you care to share this spread sheet with me as well?  I am currently searching for my first deal and would like to be as prepared as possible when its time to go look at a property

@Derrick Gordon   Professional contractors bid jobs that includes the materials .  I am a contractor , I dont supply a count of 2x4's and prices , tubes of caulk and gallons of paint .  I provide a estimate for a scope of work and a finished product .