New Investor looking for Realtor: Flips or BRRRR in Florida

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Hello, Looking to connect with investors and licensed real estate agents with or without experience in the Florida market. I’m located in Broward county and would like to start investing in state. Starting strategies: Flipping or BRRRR. The goal is to build a team to grow our real estate investing to the next level. Committed 100%, Honest, Loyal and Coachable. Let’s connect! Orestes R.

It's very tough to find any deals that pencil out for BRRRR here in South Florida.

99% of the value-add properties are already priced at or above full market value.

@Orestes Romero - What sort of product are you looking for? Single-family? 1-4 units or bigger?  Like @Brian Garrett said - most value add property is overpriced (charge 6-7% on the PROFORMA rents) but there are a few decent deals out there.  

In Atlanta (or in the suburbs outside) there are a ton more properties that are affordable and seem to be a little better priced.  I've looked at a few 30+ unit value-adds in that market that pencil out nicely with minor rehab needed (paint/carpet/appliances/fixtures).  

@Orestes Romero Good afternoon. Welcome to BP. Where did you want to start with your investing? I am a licensed real estate agent. And I rehab as well. I’m currently looking for partners. Would you like to hear what I’ve been working on?

@Nicholas White - I'm looking for a Single Family and to be on top of all the processes of the deal; learning everything hands-on until I feel more comfortable and move to multi family rentals.

And about Atlanta, definitely very attractive market. Where you looking through an agent, wholesaler or using any sort of lead generation?


@Yasuha J. Dorce - Hello and thanks. I'm looking to start in Florida - preferably Broward County, Boca, Pompano, Palm Beach, Sunrise or Tamarac, but always open to other opportunities. 

And I could also be able to work on a deal in Atlanta if there was a good opportunity.

Looking for single family, flip or brrrr.

Let's connect and talk. 

Atlanta does have some good opportunities for investors. Not quite as good as we saw in 2012-2015, but still some solid deals with flip and/or cash flow potential. You have to know which areas to look for these days as the deals aren't as easy to come by. 

@Orestes Romero If you are in South Florida the weekend of October 13th, there is a group of investors meeting for coffee. Let me know if you are interested.