Tucson flipping and/or Cash flow

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Hello All Looking to get into my first flip or purchase for cash flow in Tucson Az. Any advice is always appreciated. Would love to connect with PMs and Investors our there. Any direction would be appreciated and reciprocated.

Hey Mike, 

For starters, if you’re looking at buy and hold, anything below 22nd street is tough. The homes near UA are typically priced out. There are pockets I personally think are worth looking into, we can talk about them over coffee if you’d like. Tucson is growing rapidly, and there aren’t any signs of it stopping in the near future.

@Naftali Tolibas Thanks for the info. Are you saying look above 22nd street? I would love something near UA but i agree the prices are up there to make some profit. I may be coming out to Tucson in a few weeks. Maybe we can connect out there. 

I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to talking with newer investors about different directions one could take when starting his or her real estate investing career. Let me know if you'd like to sit down sometime and talk strategy.

More broadly, I also run a subgroup of AZREIA for New Investors here in Tucson. We meet the first Tuesday of each month (here some info about our last meeting) and talk real estate. A pretty cool 1 hour discussion happened immediately after this month's meeting, with several members of the BP community sharing their experiences and concerns about investing here in Tucson. It was a really fun thing to be a part of...

Consider yourself welcome to our meeting next month.

@Patrick Allen I just moved to Tucson no more then 2 months ago from California. I been learning and studying real estate and would love to flip my first property within the next 6 months. I'd love to join your REI meeting to network and connect. Would you mind sharing the location and time of the Meetup? Thank you Patrick and hope to connect
@Mike Zaven Hey Mike I'm in a similar situation as you. I just moved to Tucson less then a 2 months ago looking to flip my first property within the next 6 months. Perhaps we can sit down for lunch or coffee one day to see if we could help each other out. Although I just recently moved, I actually was born here and have many contacts who are contractors in general masonary construction, framing, tile flooring, landscaping and electrician...