Looking into the Lehigh Valley area, any insight?

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Hey everyone, I am quite new the website and just wanted to thank everyone for the abundance of great information on here. I am 26 years old, looking to become a real estate investor. I work full time and on my spare time I try to read up as much as possible on Real Estate investing. 

Does anyone have any experience with Buy and Hold properties in Lehigh Valley? I live in NYC and and obviously participating in this market is far too expensive for me, the same goes for Philly. I was looking at Lehigh Valley, it's only a little bit more then a 2 hour drive, so it's feasible for me. Can anyone share any insight they have on this area?

Hi Frank,

I just sent you a direct message.  I work and live in the Lehigh Valley and have a few investment properties of my own in the area.  I'd be happy to discuss the market with you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out.

@Frank Karlya

I live in New York City and Invest in the Lehigh Valley. I am originally from Brooklyn but now live in Manhattan. 

The lehigh valley is very close as you suggest and the rate of return is attractive.

Lehigh Valley is big - have you narrowed down your search(Allentown, Bethlehem etc. )
Take a weekend and visit the city just to feel it out.

Please feel free to connect with me and ask me any questions that you have.