Investor Special Bossier City ,Louisiana

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Pls help. This is my first actual rental property. Let me know what you think. Asking price $68 Closing around $5k Rehab around $10k Loan $68 convetional (20% down) @ 5.7% Rents around. 800 - 850 Morgage. Ins & tax around. 450 Vacancy. 56 Management. 80 Maintenance. 56 Cap ex. 80 Should I factor in holding cost of 2 month rent till I finish Reno and put a tenant in? Pls let me know what you think. Seller started at $72k but lowest is $68k

Hey I'm in Shreveport-Bossier City area. Have you invested here before? Are you working with someone (realtor, property manager, etc?) to verify those numbers? I only ask because something doesn't "feel" right, or maybe I'm reading them wrong