First direct mailing

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So after being on the sideline for years and listening to every podcast, reading every post, article and what have you I could get my hands on, I did my first mass DM drop today. My list total is 1114 folks. My list has divorced folks that kept their homes, people that were on the sheriff sale list but were saved, driving for dollars, houses on the MLS for 90 plus days, a purchased list with absentee owners with less than 20% equity. I am targeting certain zip codes with good schools, no more than 1.5 deviations from median home price.

My main exit strategy is lease/option. I used, naked letter investor 2 with a few tweaks. The first letters should hit the box mid next week.

I'll keep you posted. Also for those that see this in central Ohio, if you have any "skinny"deals you can't buy let me know. Maybe we can work something out.

Helpful comments appreciated 

Update on mailing:

I have received 4 calls, no real leads to speak of that need to sell in the near future(next 90 days), lots of returned mail(a few properties that sold, but mostly just returned by the post office) 55 pieces and counting. I am re-mailing to these folks using hand addressed and stamped envelopes. The returned mail seems high, any input?

Maybe the next round will hit better, going with postcards, or as @Michael Quarles would say, I require the next round to hit harder.

Thoughts, comments?