Im just getting my start, have very little saved

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Im just getting my start. I dont have much saved, im very ambitious to get started on owning rental properties. I have a business finance degree and studied real estate finance in college. I understand how a lot of it works but i am seeing if anyone has ideas on how i can get started. My house is already paid off and i love where i live so im not looking to “house hack” my way in, but i would like to know what are some good ways to get started I thiNK i AM MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BUT COULD USE SOME ADVICE ( SORRY ABOUT ALL CAPS MY PHONE IS MESSInG UP). Heres what i have already done: STARTED REPAIRING MY CREDIT RESEARCHED MY AREA AND WHERE THE BEST RENTS ARE STARTED SAVING (DONT HAVE MUCH YET) IS THERE A WAY TO GET DECENT RETURNS AND PUT LITTLE DOWN ON THE MORTGAGE I WOMT BE LIVING IM THE HOUSE SO TRADITIONAL MORTGAGES MAY NOT WORK
@Joseph Cox You essentially have free money sitting in your paid off home. I am new to this game too, but if I had a house paid off I would get a line of credit against it and use it to fund my first few deals. This is one of the suggestions Brandon Turner gives in his no to low money down book, which is worth the read if you haven’t yet! Hope this helps!