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@Lawrence Webb , try to reach out to your local wholesalers in your area. You may also search out an investor friendly real estate agent who is more likely to help you find what it is exactly that you're looking for. Assuming you already have your financing in order to embark on the journey, otherwise your starting point is going to be a little further back. 

@Matt Crusinberry thank you sir i will try that aswell. And I do all cash buys in Brooklyn NY area u work w a me to as well who funds my deals and the investor I work with is a wholesaller but Im personally looking for investors w more of a full commitment to investing and uses different investing strategies that i can learn from while producing value and results for the investor. It's my first year and even though it's a little challenging I love it and appreciate any wisdom.and experience passed along to us on our mission. Thank you and if you are a investor looking for a young mind to assist in growing your vision for success through Real estate investing im here to learn and produce value and results. I don't ask what I can't find or learn myself so wouldn't have to deal with a lazy nagger student apprentice. Thanks great weekend to you and your family sir.