Paying off medial school student loans vs. buying real estate

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Hey folks. I'm a medical resident and have begun to think about what my game plan is going to be once I'm finished.  I'll have about 350k in student loan debt. My starting salary will be around 450k, and should increase to 600k or so within 3-5 years. My question: should I rush to pay off these student loans within 1-2 years first, and then get started in real estate? Or, should I instead buy a 1-2 homes  per year for my first couple years instead and pay off my loans at a slower rate?  Thanks for your help! 

@Harrison Falwell I had this exact same dilemma, albeit with smaller numbers. Basically, just look at the blended interest rate on the loans and compare to investment return. Which number is bigger? Hint: investment should win every time. If you want to get your loans paid by someone else, a good method for starting out is to owner occupy a multifamily. Depending on how many units, renters will pay most/all of your mortgage freeing up cash for excess loan payments. That's what I would do. Best of luck and congrats on completing medical school!!