How can I start my real estate career at the age of 16

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Hello,My name is Vishesh and I'm 16.I am extremely interested in real estate career.I am studying Real estate from books,blogs,posts,youtube and from everywhere I could.I have decided and hope to become a real estate multimillionaire by 30.

My questions is how do I start practically in this field.Should I continue to learn by  till 18/19 or should I get a job in  a real estate agency or become a real estate agent.

If I go to college ,which would be a better choice for me to study as well as be a part of real estate field .I have four options Hong Kong,Singapore ,Germany,Usa

You can study wherever you like. But you can start your career by learning while working.  

Find a job -full or part-time - with a company that deals with RE.  A property manager. a construction co. a RE broker. a bank or mortgage broker. a law, accounting or insurance firm, an appraiser, surveyor or building inspector. a service provider (janitorial svc, maintenance, electrician, plumbing, foundations, septics, landscaping, remodeling, painting...) The choices are almost endless but the insight and lessons can be priceless.

Try working at a few companies/in a few roles -over the next 3-5 yrs - to figure out what you like and are good at and can use as a building block to your future career. 

Good luck.