im a little confused

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Hello my name is Sanae 

 I am currently a bank teller in Gainesville, FL and looking to venture into real estate. I've been reading forums and blogs and even checked a couple books out from the library on real estate and the different strategies that im interested in. I'm a little confused now with everything that I've read and heard...for example i was told to get my "foot in the door" with real estate by doing wholesales but then i read a disscusion and people were saying that they basically ignore wholesalers. so my question is what is really the best way to get into real estate when i dont have my license yet

@Sanae Speed this all depends on what area of real estate you are looking to enter. If you want to be real estate agent then start studying for your license and skip the wholesaling route all together. Wholesaling caught my attention when I first became interested in real estate but then I quickly realized how complex it really was and kind of sketchy to be honest. Wholesalers and real estate agents don't mix for obvious reasons. It sounds like you are wanting to get your license from your last sentence but if you are looking to get into real estate investing there is everything you would want/need to know throughout Bigger Pockets. Watch the videos, read the blogs, listen to the podcast and you will find what area you are interested in. There is no single answer for your question because everyone has different wants, needs, and goals. 

Good luck!  

@Sanae Speed it's very easy to get overwhelmed on this website

Welcome to BP, and congratulations on making the decision to invest in your future via real estate.

I have written a few blog posts that may help you get started here on BP, and with your investing. Please click on the links, give them a read, and share your thoughts in the comments.

First is a post that I feel will help not get overwhelmed with the amount of info that is here on BP:

The second is a post that will help get you focused with your real estate investing goals:

The last one is a post that will help you choose an “investor friendly” real estate agent. There are many agents out there, but it’s important to choose the right one.

I have other blogs that may be helpful here on BP in my personal blog that you can check out. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me directly. Good luck.