DO NOT USE WWW.ONLINEED.COM! I signed up for the CA RE. I should have done my research more before paying $249 + $25 for shipping for the Gold pkg. There's only 48 hours window preview and no guarantee whatsoever!! Now researching a little after failing Ch 1 and 2 tests, I deeply regret paying almost $300! Basically it's put your $300 down the drain! DO YOUR RESEARCH and see for yourself what other companies have to offer. They have 97% pass rate PLUS 110% guarantee pass!
It's on your own pace and no support. When you ask the teacher/ instructor about something, basically she will tell you it's not on the exam or don't worry about it.
If you are totally new to the Real Estates and need some assistance, well this is NOT the place you will get it.
It's all on your own. Either you sink or swim!
I want to kick myself. I am kissing my $300 good bye.