Best Questions to ask as well as things to look for in vieiwing

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Good Afternoon BP Fam,

So I am looking to view my first property soon and would really appreciate any advice that you would have to ask the realtor as well as things to look for while viewing the property. 

Any advice would be great. Thank you. 

Garry McMichael 

Financial : What are the taxes? Is there an HOA? How does this price compare to recent sales?

Condition: Look under sinks for water damage  (definitely get an inspection once you are in escrow) Looks for signs of referred maintenance, stains, condition of windows, siding, 

What rent amount would be typical for a house like this. 

Make sure it cash flows to your specifications. 

Crime rate?

Vacancy rate? How quickly should it take to rent?  Does you agent rent it fo ryou or do you need to get a property manager for this.