Moving to Tallahassee

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I am moving to Tallahassee, Fl next summer (going for my Masters at FAMU). I am new to real estate investing (currently working on purchasing my first turnkey property in Arkansas). Just wanted to know if there are an investor groups or meetups in Tallahassee or surrounding areas?

@Yusef Griffin Hey. Went to FAMU in my undergrad in SBI. I don’t know of any of the groups personally but I am sure they are there. I know the college has a real estate club. They are very involved with groups if not only in town but around the state. Club REAL is the name. Thomas Bolen III is a colleague of mine who started it and would great to connect with.
@Yusef Griffin lol I’m actually from Palm Beach area in Florida. Small town called Pahokee. I just relocated to NYC for work. Realized the corporate life ain’t what how I want to spend my life so I’m trying to get this financial independence. I live in Queens tho! Thomas isn’t on here when I searched his name but he’lol be easy to reach once you get to Tally.

Oh okayyy. I knew the cubicle life wasn't for me, so I joined the military. But now I have no freedom, which is why I'm getting into real estate also. Great minds think alike!!

Welcome to the Tallahassee market! I'm not so sure that having a rental portfolio is freedom... even with property management. For me at least it was the opposite. It's a good business though when you pick up the right deals. But it's still... a business. I'm not trying to discourage though! That's just something I had to come to terms with in regards to my own motivating factors. Anyways, I do a lot around FAMU so I look forward to connecting with you. 

@Paul Martin Thanks for reaching out. I understand that it is a business. But I will still get to live my life how I want and run my business how I want. I won't be restricted to timelines and tasks from my boss, and I will have more time to work on myself. I will definitely reach out when I am ready to buy my first MFH in Tallahasse. Talk to ya soon.