REIA Bootcampt for $695. Is it worth it?

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Another option is to take that $695 and take 70 investors out to coffee ($10 for two coffees). You'll learn a ton and build a more personal connection.

Personally I wouldn't do it.  Go to meetings, make connections and invite them to coffee or lunch like @Theo Hicks said, buy some of the recommended books, drive for dollars, send mailers:  all the above are better use of your money imho.

Originally posted by @Dolly La Salle :

The Broward Read Estate Investors Association (BREIA) is providing a bootcamp that costs $695. Would you pay for this bootcamp?

 It is worth it if, and only if, you aren't open to absorbing the exact same information from this very website you are on now, and you are ok with the fact that the $695 bootcamp is going to be upselling you to the $1500 bootcamp, which in turn will upsell you to the $2500 bootcamp, and so on. Scientology model.

@Dominique Pradel-Lewis You got a good point. From all the feedback that I've received, I decided I will not do the bootcamp and will invest the $695 in more productive ways. Thank you for your feedback.

Cool first name. I see that you are from NY. I was born in Queens. What do you think about the RE in NY?

@Chris Mason Well, with the bootcamp, one will have someone face to face showing them the ropes. However, I decided not to go with the bootcamp nor a different mentor program that was charging $3k. Big time rip off. Thank you for your feedback.

My experience came primarily  from reading several books and the @BiggerPockets .com webinars and podcasts. I started as such and 3 months after bought our first property and then 6 months later the second.

I wouldn’t spend 700 until you address the basics and taking reasonable action. 

I am reaching a point (after the 3rd) that I am starting to seek for additional help to grow our portfolio but if you’re just starting there are lots of free info out there.

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait” (Thomas Beyer) 



@Edison Reis Thank you for your feeback. Congrats on taking only after 3 months. You are a go-getter :) I am taking action and learning the basics first, like you advised. I like the quote from Thomas Beyer. Do you think it is better to buy the first property with putting 20% down or borrow 100% of the cost from a lender/bank/etc.?

Hi @Dolly La Salle

Thanks for your feedback. 

I used the HELOC for the 20% down payment and got the conventional mortgage for the other 80%.

In Canada the interest from both sources are tax deductible (write offs) hence I often tell people that all bought all properties without having any money which is technically correct. (All I had was courage to apply for a secure line of credit connected to my personal residence)

As long you have a steady paycheque and can demonstrate you can cash flow you can keep replicating this method up to 5 properties. 

So, this is how I did it without having any money ..... I learnt how money works so I used the bank’s money instead.

Good luck