AirBnB in Benton County, AR

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Does anyone AirBnB, or similar, their properties in the Bentonville area in Arkansas? We would really like to start doing so with our home. I'd appreciate any recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. The larger companies we have talked to do not have the flexibility to do quick turn over cleanings. And being in the Ozarks it needs some specific outside cleaning/maintenance also. We are not in the area very often so we are not able to be hands on at all.  

Also, I welcome any advice or experiences you would like to share.  Thank you in advance.

@Holly Hudson my business partner @Henry Washington and I have an AirBnB in Bentonville since June of this year. We struggled with it for cleaning mainly and then timely maintenance. We eventually found a lady to clean it for $30 a turn (just to clean) and we do all of our own maintenance but it's a headache of a trip at 2 hours. With the area becoming more and more saturated with AirBnBs it's kept our rates fairly low ($70 a night for a nice 3/2 right next to the future Walmart home office)and we recently made the decision to convert it back to a long term rental. When we added up all the expenses of the utilities, amenities, and regular expenses of doing it from a distance it doesn't make sense for us. I wish I had better news for you but wanted to share and make sure you did your due diligence before pulling the trigger and make sure you had a plan B and plan C if your cleaning people don't show or you've got an issue with the "hot water not working"... If I can answer any specific questions please let me know!


Thank you Dustin Davis for the information and insight. It does seem a bit of a challenge in the area.   I hope the longer term rental works better for you. I'm not sure what we will do. We love our home and want to be able to come to it whenever we wish but would also like it to pay for itself as we are not here that much lately.  Hopefully we can keep in touch and I will let you know if I do find anything that might be helpful to you also.