New to investing how do I start raising capital

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I am 22 my wife and I are new to the real estate game and wondering what are some good ways to raise capital to start buying and flipping. We are very good at managing and saving our money over the past year we have saved over 22,000 dollars for a duplex we are buying in January, but it's not enough to continue to buy and flip. Any and all advice would be great.

First off, I am very happy to see you are starting by saving your own money. The ability to manage your own finances is foundational to any investment plan and far too many skip that step.

Have you read, "Investing In Real Estate With No (And Low) Money Down" by @Brandon Turner ? I disagree with the basic premise of "easy" money but the book has a lot of good ideas on how you can fund investments through creative financing.

One of my favorites is owner financing where you essentially make payments to the owner instead of a bank. The owner typically won't run a credit check or care about your income:debt ratio which makes this a great option. I recently bought six units by putting down 10% and then setting up payments with the owner at 5% interest. We agreed on a "balloon" payment in five years which means I will need to obtain a traditional bank loan at that point so I can pay the owner his remaining lump sum. Qualifying with a bank will be easy at that point because the property value should appraise far above the purchase price and I'll have five years of income history to prove it's a solid investment.

Anyway, I recommend Brandon's book because it gives an overview of so many different ways to obtain financing. Pick one, study it, and then give it a shot.

Hey @Alex Kreissle ! You might want to check out "Raising Private Capital" by @Matt Faircloth  if you're interested in private capital at all. 

I also agree with @Nathan G. 's advice on "No (And Low) Money Down." It's a great place to start thinking about creative financing for real estate. 

And, side note, "The Book on Flipping Houses" and "The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs" by @J Scott are currently in the revision process, which sound right up your alley! The first editions are available now, and the new editions will be out in January. 

Hope this helps! Good luck on your flipping endeavors.