Are you using the MLS portal to find deals?

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Hey all,

I want to share with you a problem I encountered and a solution I came up with.

I am using the MLS as one of the sources of my deals searching.

While the MLS is great, it doesn't offer me as an investor any filtering options, or actually any other 'advanced' option rather than viewing the listings.

So, in the past few weeks I've been working hard on a solution for my problem and I am happy to share that I have a first working test version! 

I have created a Google Chrome extension that boosts your property browsing experience, by offering filtering abilities on displayed properties (if you don't know what a google chrome extension is, its an app that runs on your browser instead of on your smartphone).

I have big plans for this mini app, and I need your help in validating I am in the correct direction. So, I am offering you the extension for free, and if you want to get a free copy, inbox me or leave a message here (the reason I'm not pasting a link here is that I want to get to get feedback from you, so a personal hello message is in need.)

I hope that you are excited as me, and I'm waiting to hear from you all.