Best Banks in Atlanta

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I'm in Kennesaw and I have BoA and Chase, they are both equally annoying to deal with. But if you're looking for a business account, there aren't many options other than the big banks.

@Amber Landry Depends on how you define "investor friendly" looking to borrow or just a solid banking experience?  State Bank and Trust has been awesome for me and my companies. They just merged with Cadence Banc.

You really need to figure out what criteria you want to in a investor friendly  lender , one that funds %90 of a flip, gives mortage on a rental, easy cash out refinance etc. Most investor friendly lenders also want some sort of track record in property ownership if not investing.

I am currently on the hunt as well.  Just tried Peach State Credit Union, from their website it looked like a great option so I went to talk to them in person.  However you have to be a member of one of their many 'supporters' or you can file for a new sponsor.  The new sponsor requires you to have a personal account with them for a year.  Not the best option, so I am searching still as I need to open a business account pretty quickly for my new rental.  I will keep you updated on my search.