AirBnB Fort Lauderdale

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Hi everyone,

I'm going through the closing process right now on my first investment property, which I will be turning into a vacation rental / AirBnB rental in Fort Lauderdale.

Does anybody know or have experience in the South Florida area with a good / timely cleaning service?

Since this will be a vacation rental, it's vital I have a good cleaning service who responds rapidly and timely.

Thank you for any recommendations!

Also, I would love to meet up with any South Florida AirBnB / Vacation Rental investors for tips.  I have a construction company and can always provide value in multiple ways.

Thanks again,

Hi Tim, 

Congrats on your first investment property! I came across your post while looking for threads regarding Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since it's been a few months since your closing, I was curious to see how you were doing in the vacation rental/AirBnB space? My husband and I are looking to invest, but we're still deciding what the right strategy is (single family, vaca rental, etc). 

I'd love to hear about your story if you're open to sharing. Thanks! 

Tim and Rachel both... How are things going with Real Estate here in Ft Lauderdale. I am finally learning and evaluating. Was thinking about Airbnb here locally or maybe Orlando. Any more thoughts or information on how your journey is going?