How to move foward with the realestate business

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I am still a newbie and passionate about the business but Im having trouble actually landing deals. Im really looking to network with individuals in the Atlanta area and learn more information about the real estate business.Im a wholesaler but Im thinking about getting my license to get a better insight of both sides of the business not sure what to do at this point

Hey Charles,

I think you're doing the right thing by leaning harder into this.

Whether you get a license or not, you're going to have to network. Your ability to network will always be the lid on your potential.

But the good news is that you doing need to take courses and pass an exam. You just need to get out there, meet and listen to people, find a way to add value to people's businesses... then you'll start to see more opportunities.

Hope that helps!

@Charles Kimber The important thing is you keep on networking and learning. Think of starting a real estate business as a marathon rather than a sprint. It takes time to develop relationships, so don't get discouraged that you haven't landed any deals yet.

As a wholesaler, your biggest efforts will be in marketing. Constantly test different marketing strategies to see what works best. Don't just follow the herd and do what you've read in books or heard on podcasts. With the internet, there are new advertising channels popping up all the time. Experiment, collect data, and analyze the data to react appropriately.

Once your marketing strategy starts to work, focus on building relationships with your leads. They found you through your marketing, now it's your turn to show them why they should be working with you instead of someone else. Show compassion for their situation, try to be helpful (since they are most likely a distressed seller), and follow up with them.

There isn't really a shortcut to this business. Just hard work and persistence.