Need advice on markets for house hacking

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Wanted some advice on which market is best for what I'm looking for. I'm married with 2 kids and currently live in NY. I own my co-op which I have about 50k in equity. I am the sole money maker in the household my wife is stays at home with the kids. We will soon be looking into getting the kids into school (next 2 years) but the school district we live in is awful. So our plan is to sell the co-op. Find a rental until we find a multi family home that best suits our needs. I am looking for a 5+ bedroom 3+ bathroom multifamily in a good school district. My budget is 350k ( i intend to put 20% down) . Also I am a Registered nurse so a location where there are great hospitals near by would also be a + Any advice as to where we can go? I've been looking at places in texas.. Connecticut. Etc