I am in a conundrum. I will try to make it clear as best as possible. 

Me and my wife have signed the papers for a new developed house at a interest rate for 4.8% at 20% down. My wife at the same time has signed papers for her OLD apt but has not been able to close due to the government shutdown and the type of loan the buyers are using (USDA I think). We were supposed to use some of the cash from the sale for the new apt but Now I am completely fronting the cash which is supposed to close on 17th. I do not want to be stuck with two mortgages and I am a little scared of being stuck in this situation especially on the brink of a market crash. The only reason I am not pulling out of our place is that we put down 10,000 for new floors and applicances.

1. wonder if anyone was ever in a similar situation and what they did or would do?

2. I am wondering if I asked our loan officer for the new interest rate since we haven't technically completely signed and put our 20% down, would that a be a complicated process of having to apply all over again?