First Property in the next 90 days, Mastermind group.

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Looking to bring together a couple of people to really be accountable for each other. I currently live in San Diego and am searching for my first investment/primary home property to house hack. BP created one for me after i purchased the 90 days of intention journal but the people in the group have not even introduced themselves in the past month. So I just want to find anyone who wants to take action and is eager to get their first deal together whether you live by me or across the country WE can do this!

Thank you in advance for anyone who supports this.

Greetings Thomas and Kevin, I'm possibly down, my mastermind is having a little hard time finding and committing to a time. I also was thinking of making a post and seeing who local may be down. I too am in SD County, I am an local agent, and investor. Lets connect.

@Thomas Lee Malpass

I’m willing to host at my house. I live near Rancho Penasquitos. I can help you guys. I have been buying property in San Diego for 25 yrs.

I’m not selling anything and don’t need anyone’s ones else’s $. I’m an accredited investor and fund my own deals.

I’m thinking bbq on Fri afternoon 3, 5 or 6:30 pm. I have a flexible schedule...