Etiquette When Requesting A Private Showing

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Im just starting out I’ve received a lot of advice to the effect of “look at as many properties as you can”.

While there are some open houses in the area, I wanted to know what common etiquette would be surrounding a private tour of a home? Should I request a tour, even if I am only using that time to analyze a deal? Is there an expectation that I should submit an offer after touring a home? Is there anything else I should know before scheduling a tour through a popular MLS site like or

Hi @Stephen Witkowski ,

For the most part Open Houses are free game. If you are looking for a private showing get yourself an agent and make sure you are on the same page. Once you both know what the score is, then I would say go in as many vacant houses as you two are happy going in. (I go in about 10 a week and I have taken along people who are trying to get a feel for the market).

If a house is occupied (family still lives there or someone has tenants). I don't recommend disrupting them to look unless there is a chance you would want to put an offer in. It just causes them to leave the house and pack up the dog and clean up etc. So try and be aware of that piece. 

Just my thoughts and good luck!

EDIT: To clarify, have your agent schedule a showing and go through the proper steps to go in vacant houses, don't just "go into vacant houses"