New Member prepping for exam

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Hi there! I am currently prepping for the State (Illinois) and National exam after completing a 2 week accelerated course. I've purchased 'Examsmart' and am scoring in the upper 70's on my practice exam (my weakness primarily with mortgage questions and some math). My worry is that I'm simply memorizing the questions at this point and wont fare as well on the actual exam. Any advice from those who have utilized Examsmart, and how close is it to the actual exam?

Any other tips are completely welcomed as well. Thanks in advance!

Memorizing isn't exactly a bad thing.  I took my RE classes 22 years ago and still remember items I learned almost as if I heard them yesterday.  I often will recount phrases or lessons when I am training new agents.

I haven't heard of your exam prep course.  However, if you read through the case files and see (and comprehend) the application of many of the mortgage laws, you will remember it.

Best of luck to you!

@Nicole Marie LaBrant Welcome! I just completed my Managing Broker continuing education last week. Keeping going over Examsmart. I used it when I took the Broker pre-licensing class 5 years ago. You will have to memorize some key information in each session. Question: Did you take course as a classroom, online, or self study?

Thanks for the responses! I took a classroom course. It was a two-week  course five days a week.  Afterwards, I spent the majority of my time studying with my textbook until I finally purchased exam smart about two weeks ago.