Please help! I’m only 33, can I even do RE this young?

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Do people sell real estate to someone that's only 33?! I'm thinking about dropping out of college. Does anyone have any advice or handouts?? Where should I start, my dad only gave me Rich dad poor dad and 100k to start out, and he only owns 100 properties. My girlfriend doesn't get my real estate.. should I quit RE all together? Should I intern for someone for free for the next 10 years?? I analyze 1 multi a week and can't seem to find anything in the Austin market to buy! Am I too young to do this? Isn't there an age limit like 50 before my money can purchase real estate?

@Account Closed

I understand your post it is very funny! When I read all the post like that I wonder how come no one wants to do the traditional method.

Get Educated

Get a Job (work as much OT as you can, get side jobs, hustle as much as you can for a dollar)

Save money

Buy a property

This is how I started when I was 23 years old

I will start my own acronym:


Work, Save, Buy, Repeat

There is no easy way!