What address should be used?

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I have a question as to what address should be used for operating our real estate business. We live in Idaho and have a home office while our new entity was created in Michigan. Our entity will be holding rental properties so there is no physical location of business for our entity. We are paying and will continue to pay for a resident agent in Michigan for our LLC, however we used our personal address with our property manager as-well-as when we opened the LLC business checking account. Should we have used our personal address for the business checking account and the property management company? Would this be considered not following corporate formalities? Any help in clearing this up for us would be appreciated. Thanks

It would be easiest and most private to open a UPS or FedEx store mailbox and use it for every address; from your company to your PM. Every address (involving your company) will be the same.

It's pretty common practice to use a PO Box or virtual mailbox for mail as opposed to your home address so it cant be linked back you so easily. 

You would also want to use a registered agent address for anything on public record. You can use their personal address for anything private, such as bank statements, credit cards, etc. if you need to, but a PO or virtual mailbox is still preferable. In addition, if there is an option to list a physical address and a different mailing address, use the registered agents address as the physical address and the virtual address for the mailing address.

Looks like I need to find another bank.  This is what comes up when trying to change address:

"This has to be a physical building (not a P.O. box, mail forwarding address or other agent address)."

Not sure where to go from here.