First Flip - Just Listed!

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So, we finally did it... 

We closed September 1, 2018 on our very first flip purchase; We underestimated the rehab; We overspent on the rehab; overall, we paid too much.  However, we finally finished the house, and have it listed as of today!!!  

We don't expect to make much on it, but we are just so happy with everything we learned, as well as how great the house looks.  I'll post some before:after photos, but here's the link to the redfin (if that's allowed).

Wow! That’s absolutely gorgeous! Great job! Congrats on your first flip! We are going to look at what may be our first flip and I’m sure we will have to learn from some mistakes too just starting out but it will be worth it in the end with all the experience and knowledge we will gain. 

Everything looks amazing but the kitchen/family room, wow. Spectacular job. I finished my last flip in Reno in August 2018 and it looked like a similar battle to yours . 

I decided to get into the fintech scene in LA after that and now I'm with a real-estate start-up using AI to find low-income neighborhoods all of the US that are primed for future gentrification. It's going to make finding the next money-maker a piece of cake. I'm excited and good luck on the next one!