Should I Put in an Offer Now or Wait

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Hello BP!!! I am looking at a house that is owned by a retiring, oos landlord. This house needs a full roof replacement (shingles and some plywood) and some drywall put up on the kitchen ceiling (~6'x12') area. The listing agent is saying the landlord will replace the roof and drywall before they sell.

Should I wait to put in an offer until after they replace the roof and shingles or should I put in an offer now with the contingency they complete this work? I don't want the landlord to replace the roof and then they raise the price trying to recoup their losses.

Theresa hit it on the head. Put in your offer with a contingency that the repairs are finished and you do a final walk thru to inspect before signing closing papers. You get the property under contract to prevent someone else from buying it out from under you or bidding the price up.