When Did You Know to Take Action?

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Hi Bigger Pockets, 

I'm very excited to start out my real estate investment journey. It's clear to me that it's a marathon and not a sprint and I've started out my "training" with education. Like many others I was inspired by "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and after that I've read a couple books that Brandon Turner wrote. I'm also digging through some of the BP Podcasts/Webinars. I plan on going to my local real investor club to network with other individuals both in my position and with those that are more experienced than myself (so pretty much everyone haha).

My goal with real estate investing is to be able to create enough passive income to eventually replace my day job. Also to provide a more comfortable life for my future family and myself. 

Based on what I've read and researched, education sounds like the right place to start. I'm digging into everything I can and have spent most of my free time, when I'm not working out with books and educating myself. 

My question for you all is how do I know when the right time to jump in is? I wont let analysis paralysis become a reality for myself. I feel more inspired about this than anything I've felt in a long time. 

How do I know when to start with purchasing my first deal? What was the "light-bulb moment" for you all to take that leap of faith? 

Thanks everyone! 

This could be both a complex or a simple answer.  Simple answer: learn how to recognize a good opportunity, when you find one, go after it.  Reading is great and is necessary, but eventually the only way to really learn is to go out and do it.  That is where I'm at now. I know I have a solid knowledge base; now I'm focusing on analyzing and offering so I can get experiential understanding.