Your Experience With Out of State Contractors - Las Vegas

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Looking to buy a Single family rental in Las Vegas, NV (first property outside of my state of residence; CA). I have connections in Las Vegas, but my primary contractor (close family-friend business) is in CA. What has been your experience with having a contractor work in a different state? Or is it just more practical to find contractors in the area of your property? 

If you’re thinking of using a property manager they should take care of that. 

If you’re not, other than any initial rehab Vegas properties don’t really need a handyman, especially an out of state one. With 13 properties I probably need 1-2 ac repairs, 1-2 water heaters per year. Outside of that, they’re really pretty low maintenance. Tile roofs, stucco siding, almost no weather, desert landscaping, and realatively new houses means having a decent plumber covers most of it.