Stock Market or Save Cash For Real Estate?

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Hello again BP community, I have 13k in the bank. I want to get to 20k( will take another 6 months), at which point I will feel comfortable enough to dive into real estate investing (house hack situation). Should I be investing at all into the stock market, or trying to hit my savings goal so that I can begin looking for rental properties? Thank you to anybody who takes the time to respond!

@Maxwell Milholland Investing in the stock market wont detract from your goal of investing in real estate, unless your goal is time based. It will push back your entry date into the real estate market. If your goal is buy a property in 6 months, then I would say investing in the stock market would detract form your goal. If your goal is to invest in real estate within a year, then it sounds like you have the savings rate to accomplish both.