After my offer is accepted and I go out to find an end buyer

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This is my very first offer to ab absentee owner for a condo in an HOA building. I offered .70 cents to the dollar sight unseen. The seller has asked if that is my final offer or if I would be willing to give a higher asking price based on terms. Since the site is unseen I want to put it under contract with a contingency of offer standing after I visit the property. I am considering two exit strategies 1) assign it to an end buyer possibly another investor or 2) lease option it for 5 years and the seller carries the mortgage. My concern is that I may only have 2 weeks to cancel my offer. Is the two weeks based on the inspection period(i think) how do I ensure that If i do not find an end buyer within the two week, I can get out of my offer?

Hello Xiomara,

You can add to the offer a condition that states something like "conditional that my partner(s) agree on the deal and visit the property".

There is plenty of ways you can exit (financing, visits, inspection, costs estimates, etc) but at the end it's all about how you want to do business.

If your intentions are to get out of a deal 4/5 times....

Well you might have to find buyers before deals and show them this deal as the kind of deals you bring in general and agree with them that you will reach them when deals like that occur.

Talk to you soon.