Young Investor looking to connect w/ others in Central PA

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Hey All, I am a young investor (21 years old) looking to get into real estate in central PA. Does anyone know of any clubs/organizations near the state college area? 

@Anthony N. Gonzalez

Welcome to BP. I’ve not heard of any in state college. We have several in the Harrisburg area which would be a drive for you but might be worth it.

CARPOA is in Camp Hill.

There’s a few in Harrisburg just google Harrisburg real estate meetups.

@Anthony N. Gonzalez

Anthony- welcome! You’ve made the first step by getting involved with BP so you’re off to a good start.

I went to Penn State, but no longer live in the area. I’d be happy to provide some advice as we invest in greater Philadelphia, but I’d like to follow along with investor meet ups or deals that come up in State College. Keep in touch!