Property tax for garage conversion in Los Angeles

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Hi all,

I'm new to Bigger Pockets, and this is in fact my first post. So hi everyone!

I own a SFR that I live in, with a big garage that's going unused. I'm in the process of converting it into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), to rent it out as a studio apartment and get going on house hacking. I'm in the early stages, working with a designer to figure out the layout and getting quotes from contractors (so any other general thoughts on folks who have gone through a similar process in LA also very welcome).

My question is - I'm sure property taxes will increase once that becomes livable space. But how exactly does the city of Los Angeles assess that new livable space for tax purposes?

Hi Xander, Welcome to BP!  

I'm just getting started on this process myself as well, also in Los Angeles.  I'm wondering if you like the contractors you have spoken to and if so, can you send me their info?   Or, please PM me the info.  Have they given you an approximate time frame of how long this conversion process can take?

Hey Susana - thanks for the response. I'm still in the design phase, so I don't have detail on time frame yet. I do have a contractor my family's worked with before that we generally like, who I'm planning to hire or at least get a quote from. That said, we haven't done as large a project with him before, and I'm still waiting for him to provide me a rough estimate of cost. I'll get more a more detailed estimate once I get permitted designs, and at that point I'd be happy to pass his name along to you (with the above caveats that we haven't worked on a larger construction project like this with him before).