My name is Zackarias Aitchison and I am from St Catharines, Canada (Only about 30 minutes from the border). My background is digital marketing and as of late wholesaling and property management. I have never been on a forum or even a website of this style other than CopyChief (Imagine BP but for Copywriting). 

Now to the point of this post! I LOVE creative and unique marketing, helping others, and networking. So that is what I am here to accomplish. Feel free to post some of your unique marketing ideas to break the ice, I'll start.

To find abandoned properties to wholesale to a redeveloper I pay $500 to all taxi drivers who send me photos and the address of houses that look abandoned. They shoot me a text and if the deal goes through I get $9,500 and they get $500 and neither of us did much work. Now it is your turn! What is your weird marketing strategy? Let's Network!