Hello, my name is Lai: I'm a 20 year old motivated to achieve Financial Freedom for me and my family.

I've been doing some research and came up with this plan.
I will list out all my asset and liabilities that way you can see if there is a better strategy I'm missing or such.

Dad - 4,000 a Month
Mom - 1,800 A Month
Me - 1,800 A Month
Rental #1 - 750 A Month
Total Income - $8,350 A Month

Primary Mortgage - 1,500 A Month (1,000 for Principle and Interest / The rest for Tax and Insurances) (8 of a 10 year left)
Whole Life Insurance - 1,000 A Month (About 3 years left on this)
Groceries / Essentials - 1,000 A Month
Other Expenses - 1,600 A Month (Internet, Contract Phones, Cell Services, Gas, Gymn Membership, Travels, 10% to Church)
Rental's Tax / Insurance - 250 A Month
Total Expenses - $5,350 A Month

8,350 - 5350 = 3,000 Monthly Cash-flow

Other Information
Primary House has 80,000 of the 125,000 in purchase price left in mortgage. (45k Equity if the house for what ever reason doesn't appraise for more)
Rental Property - Completely paid off (it was our first primary home that we bought for 65k) (so that's like 65k equity right)
Parents Saving - 40,000 (We are all on board to use 100% of our resources)
My Saving - 8,000
Organization - 20,000 that I'm holding for them (trying to stay away from touching other's money in case the investment fail or some and the organization ask for the money)
Life Insurances - (could potentially take out 40,000 from it without having to pay it back, but that would kind of mess the insurance up since we already paid like 50k on it)

Now's Come The Plan

Starting Cashflow - 3,000 (750 is Passive)

Buy 2 Duplexes - Down payment of 40,000
Assuming Each Duplexes Produce Min of 400$ a month
Cashflow increased to - 3,800

Get a HELOC for up to 40k either through the rental property or primary (If I could get more like 60k I would buy 3 instead of 2 which would make it faster)

Buy 2 Rentals - DP 40k (using heloc)
Cash flow increased to 4,600
Pay HELOC off in 9 Months

Buy 2 rentals - DP 40k (HELOC)
Cash flow increased to 5,400
Pay HELOC off in 8 months

Buy 2 rentals - DP 40k (HELOC)
Cash flow increased to 6,100
Pay HELOC off in 7 months

Buy 2 rentals - DP 40k (HELOC)
Cash flow increased to 6,900
Pay HELOC off in 6 months 

Buy 2 rentals - DP 40k (HELOC)
Cash flow increased to 7,700
Pay HELOC off in 5 months

Buy 2 rentals - DP 40k (HELOC)
Cash flow increased to 8,500
Pay Heloc off in 5 months

In 3 and A Half year we would own 14 Rental properties (all 20% payed down) plus the 1 we started with; All cashflowing $6,350 (400 x 14 + 750)
Which would be 1,000 monthly Cashflow after if we quit our jobs.

Obviously, we could keep going repeating the strategy to create more cashflow or focus on eliminating the mortgage off our homes and rentals. But I want to know looking at the blue print so far. What am I missing? How can I make it faster? or better? or perhaps is there some flaws in the blue print that will mess it all up? LMK.